1. Individuals
  2. Public and private property management
  3. Trustees
  4. Courts
  5. Justices of the Peace
  6. Associated backgrounds
  7. Foundations supporting public and private rights
  8. General government (city, state, national)
  9. Human resources services
  10. Various professional backgrounds
  11. Spaces dedicated to training and research


  • Framing the space to promote constructive conflict resolution (family, neighborhood, PPE, work, etc.)
  • Expertise, advice, and support with a view to implement mediation service (criminal background, for example)
  • Training in educational, social, and health sectors (college, technical college, and university) and in the institutions where employees should be aware of this type of tool
  • Coaching, and individual or group supervision for actors, including volunteers, involved in mediation
  • Coaching and supervision of coordination teams or responsible entities.