Born in the north of Paris, 3 April 1972, I have been involved for twenty years in social welfare practice, especially in the areas related to education, mediation, pedagogy, life lived in the street, insecurity, violence, addiction, migration, and health, wherever I perceive gaps in human and regional conditions.


After a stint at the University Institute of Technology Paris V (economy), I devoted my time to civil service (national service), citizen education, and citizen action. With that, focusing on practice and experience in situ, I also began an extensive social work course, including entertainment, education, and mediation, in France and elsewhere in Europe. After I finished work preparing civil peace interventions for use in Haiti, I set my suitcases down in Zurich, Switzerland, and became daddy.


Later, I settled in western Switzerland, where I am engaged as street educator full time for the city of Yverdon. There, I put my experience in the service of the street, social links, and those populations exposed to various forms of exclusion and tenuousness. During this same time, for several years, I contributed to the development of the profession by coordinating a platform of actors involved in this profession. Apart from the creation of annual meetings, which is the core activity, was involved in the implementation of the first two French-speaking Swiss conferences on street work, making connections with the international street worker network, Dynamo International, and the related reference table.

These experiences serve to strengthen my motivation to investigate and document this practice. I registered at University and earned my Master of High Studies of Social Practices, at the Faculty of Education Sciences in Strasbourg, France, partnered with the HES La Source in Lausanne, Switzerland.    


Since 2008, I'm involved in the international network of the streetworkers Dynamo International. In 2016, I joined the group of the experts and the trainers in this network.


In 2014, after fifteen years of engagement in social work, I found Tiers sociétal® where I work as an independent social consultant.


In 2015, in the publishing Peter Lang (Berne), I publish a collective research (50 people in 14 countries) in which streetwork is discussed in terms of formalization, and focusing on the concepts of security and insecurity.


To this day, I stay strongly linked with the street, and I dedicate all of my activities to the practice, training, supervision, writing, research, and participation in myriad related areas.

Curriculum Vitae on request here