Born north of Paris on April 3, 1972, binational french and swiss citizen, I've been involved in social and health practices for over twenty years. I'm active in fields relating to the open environment, the street, public space, education, mediation, pedagogy, violence, addiction, migration, accompaniment, animation, safety and health.


After a stint at the Paris V technological university institute (economy), I devoted my time in civil service to conscientious objection, popular education and citizen action. From then on, by favoring practice and on-site experience, I began a training course dedicated to social professions (animation, education and mediation) in France and Europe. After returning from preparation for the civil peace intervention (Haiti), I packed my bags in Zurich and became father.


Later, I moved to french-speaking Switzerland, committed myself full time as a street educator for the town of Yverdon and put my experiences, practices and training at the service of the street, of social ties, of quality of life (2013 City Health Prize) and populations exposed to various forms of exclusion and precariousness. At the same time, I contribute to the development of the profession by coordinating, for several years, a professional platform in French-speaking Switzerland. Apart from the animation of the annual meetings which constitute the heart of the activity, I am involved in the implementation of the first two French-speaking foundations of social work outside the walls and the connection of the platform to the international street work network Dynamo International. 


These experiences reinforce my motivation to question a practice and document it in a university setting. I then obtained the advanced studies diploma in social practices Dheps (Master I) at the Faculty of Educational Sciences in Strasbourg, a partner of the HES La Source in Lausanne. 


Since 2008, I have been involved in the international network of streetworkers Dynamo International. In 2016, I joined the group of experts and trainers in the network. 


In 2014, I founded Tiers sociétal® where I act as an independent social consultant. While maintaining a link with practice (low threshold and streetwork in the field of risk reduction), I dedicate my activities to individual and family support, training, coaching, support for social-educational teams, writing, research and animation of spaces for reflection. In this capacity, for example, I conducted exploratory research in the street and with users affected by the consumption of psychotropic products who do not use the Lausanne risk reduction system provided for this purpose. In 2021, this work gave rise to the birth of a new service for which I am in charge of its implementation through streetwork, staff training and coordination. 


In 2015, published by Peter Lang (Berne), I published a collective research (a 50th of people and 14 countries involved) where social street work is approached from the angle of formalization with a sociological and philosophical look and a focus on the notions of security and insecurity.


Curriculum Vitae on request here